Life is hard. Decorating doesn’t need to be.

What is a “color consultant” and
what can you do for me?

As one of only a few color consultants on Cape Cod, I specialize in creating color solutions. With a trained eye for the relationship between materials, I build spaces around color, texture and natural elements, using family-friendly fabrics for stylish, current and—most importantly— livable homes.

Not sure where to begin? Feeling overwhelmed by
options + lack of inspiration?

I can help. Contact me today and we’ll start working together to come up with a plan to make your vision come to life. Is a lack of inspiration part of the problem? I can help with that, too. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes is all you need to feel re-inspired or gain clarity about a space in your home.

Let’s get acquainted.


The colors live a remarkable life of their own
after they have been applied to the canvas.

- Edvard Munch